April 18 — Very Productive Day

Met with the owner of the company here in Whatcom today. Talked to the person doing managing and marketing as well. We landed on a great, catchy domain name and purchased it. We also decided I will possibly need to integrate e-commerce into the site in some way. There will definitely be a review system as well.

I also got a bunch of specific information, and a company bio. The design is basically done, but I just migrated distros again, and there seems to be an issue with git every time I have to. The local repo ends up being out of sync with the remote repo, and I can’t figure out why. I’m assuming it has something to do with the correct config files not being backed up the way they should be or something. Simple fix though.

Good day, all around. Getting ahead on school work since I have a trip coming up next weekend. So I will be able to put all of my focus on these two projects.