Concept Art for the upcoming Bethesda Game Studios’ ‘Starfield’.

Kind of stopped writing after the site meeting

Everything is basically done for the internship. I will still be working with Esnath over the next few months to launch the product that works for her.

For whomever reads this, if you would like to see that project when it is…

All of this has culminated into a product that the client and I are both really happy with.

The past two days I have spent doing a soft launch. I have the DNS configured, and have the SSL certificate attached. Everything is working great. We still have a couple minor touches that the owner wants in there. Then it will be time for the hard launch. I’ll use the $100 advertising credit from Google, and get people going to the site.

Spent many hours trying to get the S3 connection working so that I could use user uploaded media files as well as static files.

It works. The static files are being served from S3 buckets. And now, when the admin goes to upload a new image to the gallery, Django just looks at the template tags, and the path redirects to the S3 bucket, so the images are stored there as well.

Crew Dragon first flight take-off

Finally. After roughly 12 hours, over a couple of days, we have static files being served through AWS S3 while the rest of the application is being run on my local development server.

Incredibly frustrating when it ends up being something that has nothing to do with your code, and…

Having some performance issues. Maybe not something that would be definitely noticeable all the time, but it is very inconsistent.

There are several elements that require javascript. But i think one of the main culprits is where I use bootstrap. I use it in the gallery, and the page needs to load the entire file, even though I am only using a few lines of it.

Working on a fix.

The lightbox is a success! This was the finishing touch that the gallery desperately needed. Now I can just get rid of an entire other html template. Of course, I did import an entirely new library in order to create the lightbox feature, but that is of no concern.


Had a meeting with the owner and manager over the weekend. they got a full preview of the design and functionality of their site and it’s features, and much to my relief, they loved it.

We had obviously worked together on what the content of the site would be, but I had a lot of free reign on the design, and with the actual phrasing of things. They loved everything though.

We just decided on adding a few things. A lightbox for the gallery images, and maybe some sort of console for the manager to be able to upload pictures and manage things more easily.

After that it is time to tidy up, improve SEO and performance, and then get the server set up.

Well, the services page is finally done. Ran into some responsiveness issues, but they are all fixed now.

I am now working on embedding reviews but Google has made this process harder.

I have decided to just embed Google My Business reviews instead of creating the models and everything from scratch. i had started to, and then realized that in order to keep spam in check, and to avoid people having to authorize, it would be best to just embed the reviews from their Google My Business page that I have created for them.

We have the final preview on Saturday, so the goal before the is to just have this done, and have a nice footer with their various info.

Outgassing of liquid water from the surface of Enceladus, a Moon of Saturn that is thought to potentially harbor life in its sub-surface oceans.

Got the responsiveness issues fixed with the services page. The images now go where they belong when on smaller viewports. The gallery is looking great. Still want to add that lightbox, but I have a meeting with the clients on Saturday, to show what is basically going to be the…

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